Celebrate Your Week!

Marsha Prospere
2 min readSep 27, 2019


We don’t often take the time to celebrate the “small” accomplishments, the ways in which we positively impact our lives and that of society. The way in which we move closer to accomplishing our goals. One way to do this is to recap your week and personally recognize your contributions.

This practice is something I’ve been suggesting as of late for those looking to manage impostor syndrome, prepare for performance reviews, or give themselves the acknowledgment they crave.

Celebrating big wins is fantastic and should keep happening. As important, is acknowledging the accomplishments and small milestones along the way.

I invite you to share your “small” accomplishments for this week and to acknowledge them weekly from here on out.

I’ll go first.

As a lifelong learner, education is both personally and professionally important to me. This week

  • I learned about how people experience and deal with impostor syndrome and #vulnerabillty.
  • Julia Ester Neznanova taught a group of us on how if-then planning can support a shift towards a growth mindset. Thank you Declare for putting on this event.
  • Coach Jake and Coach Nick hosted a wonderful panel discussion on men and vulnerability. The closing question to the group was a powerful one, “What would I want to impart to a man in my life about vulnerability?”

This was a solid week balancing productivity and fun. Thank you to all my clients for showing up and putting in the hard work on their development journey. Thank you for allowing me to be your #coach. To my #tribe thank you for having thought and action-provoking conversations with me this week. #Grateful

Enjoy the weekend.


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Marsha Prospere

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