Master These 4 Habits to Win in 2020

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Focus Your Message: Hub & Spoke

In 2018 I tested various concepts and relearned some long-standing principles -focus your message and get a niche. Having a defined vision and a focused message set the tone for who I collaborated with, which clients I worked with, and how I would be of service when I volunteered my time.

Experimentation: The Way of Allowing

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Reflection: A Key to Self-Awareness

Reflection has been an ongoing theme since I was a child. My mom would tell me to reflect on my actions. While she typically said this when she was reprimanding me, as I matured I extended it to other aspects of my life. Reflection is my key to increasing self-awareness. Peter F. Drucker’s book, Managing Oneself is a great quick and easy book to read or listen to. In it, he speaks to comprehending and knowing how you learn. The idea is that once you know your learning and processing styles, incorporate that into your routine. This helped me a lot last year. Through my moments of contemplation, I would make minor adjustments to my approach, which paid off.

Go Big!

I meditate and have off and on for over 20 years. My meditation practice has evolved over time, especially as an entrepreneur. It supports my self-care and development needs, amongst other things. So, why do I mention this in relation to going big? Meditation helps calm me down and focus my thoughts, which allows me to work through any fear, negative self-talk, or procrastination. In late September, I began actively committing to certain mindset and behavior shifts. That was when I made a commitment to go big. When I made this pledge to myself and began living that new mindset I realized that for me the risks of playing it comfortable versus playing it big were not drastically different, but the upside was. Playing it big leaves me feeling more confident, energized, and motivated. If and when I failed, I felt less bummed than anticipated. I was evermore curious to understand why I had failed and would plan how I could improve and succeed.

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Marsha Prospere

Marsha Prospere

NYC native, executive & life coach, traveler, writer, human. Photo by Richard Louissaint